We purchased a small package that was supposed to all come out free once you "Showed up for your tour". Now we have toured many places and really don't have a problem with that. We took the initial vacation, 4 days at Daytona, and 3 days in Orlando. Then we had 2 3 day'ers to use within a year. Took one to Pidgeon Forge and the other has not been used. We knew going in that all the travel and expenses would be on us and were ok with that as well, BUT...............

Time passes and we get a call from this Conley Phillips for Global Fullfillment that said we did not book the last one in time so we owed them $$$$$$$ for expenses. This guy has been blowing up my wife's phone for a week now.

Q1 - How can you owe $$$$ for NOT going on a trip that was GIVEN to you as an extra????

This is supposedly going to collections, HAHAHAHA Too Funny. I told Mr Conley Phillips NOT to call me back and I woould call him AFTER I did a little research on Global Fullfillment. Nice I should run across this site. We have gotten a hold of the company we bought from and they said it's all good and gave us a year to take the other weekend trip. HMMMMM, wonder where Global Fullfillment gets there business savvy?

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We apologize for the delay in addressing your concerns. This site does not allow for any contact information; so, we cannot reach you directly.

We are looking forward to finding a resolution with you.

Please contact us at extension 102# (must press pound) at 888.863.3803. Thank you.


we got the same call only they threatened us and now I had to pay 400$ to take a trip I dont want to take and now have to do a *** tour. These people lie and bully you into paying for these trips. They are liars and should be arrested for the *** they say and pull.

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