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I was contacted by the GFS sale people who try to talk me into buying their vacation packages. Before I paid, he gave me the web site so I went and found out all the horrible and negative review. I hung up and stop talking to them. I am sure they will keep trying but I will not be harass by them. Thanks for all your consumer we need to be inform and avoid these fraudulent SCAM. We need to be diligent, righteous and stand up to... Read more

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Bought a package for $ *** of me. The paperwork has no expiration date on it, but someone called to say that I owed money because I hadn't taken the trip yet after a 15 months! I was told that if I didn't work with one of their representatives, to pay to extend the package they would send me to a collections agency. The website on the paperwork doesn't work, and if I call the phone number and follow the prompts for customer service,... Read more

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Bought a package & have been trying to contact them now for several months. Emailed & called leaving messages with NO response from them. WHATEVER YOU DO...DO NOT BUY A TRAVEL PACKAGE FROM THEM! You will br sorry. Now will see if I can bring a lawsuit against them. Add comment

Was called several times by theses characters saying that I bought packages from them and that because I owed for these packages, even after they were supposedly upgraded so I didn't lose my money. Now they call me and keep threatening me that I owe them 1498.00 US Dollars because I didn't fulfill my packages? Just talked to a Gentleman who told me that they are lying to people and this is a scam! People Please don't get sucked in to buying... Read more

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Bottom line - Don't Deal with GFS. You will be sorry. Here's why: For a low price, you will be offered a short vacation at a timeshare where you will be required to take a tour. Do that and you will also get a voucher for a longer stay at a resort domestically or internationally. Once you fall for that, they will offer you an additional cruise, airfare, and other travel amenities for relatively low cost. Sound too good to be true? It is folks.... Read more

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Sadly, we fell for it! Some how they had information from another company in Florida who sold us a vacation package and said since we didn't fulfill our contract by not going on the trips, they would pick up the package and for another$675 they would give us all on the original contract and add a 7 night international trip. Fast forward 3 months, I call, angry because the contract sent said we had 30 days to take one trip and cost is only an... Read more

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I'm having the same problem as others. Several years ago in a weak moment I purchased a 3 day vacation. The money, $498.00 was posted to my Visa account the same day. I phoned the next day and said I changed my mind that I didn't want the offered package. I was told that I could not change my mind, no refund, and I still owed money. I don't them to cancel my account and keep the money already paid, but I didn't want the vacation. Over the... Read more

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I had a contract with company that expired and got a call with a new offer which sounded great for me and my family to buy into,however when it came in writing what was promised wasn't there. august 25th canceled a contract within time aloted. Still waiting on check of $1450 to be returned. Excuse company wrote wrong amounts wait another 6-8weeks. Difficult to get an answer and all I get after calling back over and over are excuses. ... Read more

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I am in the same boat but as the old saying go fool me your fault full me twice my fault After paying $790 I received a second promised to do much better as a platinum member so another $800 and since then nothing. My wife told me I was crazy buying more of nothing. I will continue calling not expecting anything but hopefully they will get tired of my calls. Add comment

I saw my bank statement last week and saw a charge for a travel plan I did not buy. I have not talked with GFS for several months and certainly do not need any vacation packages. I have more than I can use already and do not know how you got access to my account. I have bought in the past, but, I was told you do not keep card information. Please respond to this e-mail immediately. I have left two messages on the phone without a response and... Read more

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