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I've been getting daily phone calls from Global Fulfillment Services by employee Richard Francis. He insists that I bought a travel package that I didn't use and he has a phone recording stating that I agreed to be liable if I don't take the vacation. I called back and who I spoke to said I have to either upgrade or get a bill for thousands to stop the phone calls. Then they called my elderly... Read more

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I purchased a package because i was told i could cruise to Bermuda from Boston in Aug 2014, after i had it all set up I was told that cruise was no longer available. I payed over $800.00 for the package then I payed another almost $400.00 to sun travel and thought i was all set only to be told that cruise was no longer availabble. After contacting GFS they told me they would extend my package... Read more

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I paid $300 worth of "taxes" for a trip package that I so called "won" back in 2012 and never took any of the trips due to high airfare, no vacation time, just life in general. I figured I would just write off the $300 as a lesson learned. They can't acted me 6 months ago to try to get me to pay another couple hundred bucks to renew the original package terms, because I had 18 months to book a... Read more

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global fulfillment services started calling me about a week ago, claiming i had an old vacation package that expired in 2011. well, i never went on that vacation as i never had the time. they told me there was a new deal going on, i listened after they were finished, they gave me a new balance. i said, WHAT what am i paying forwhen i had a excisting balance and didn't want the upgrade. they still... Read more

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They called twice in a row - first from a number listed as "Universal Resor..." (which I have blocked) then from an "unknown number" presumably to get passed the block. After identifying herself and the company, the woman claimed there was a balance remaining from my previous vacation - clearly a load of ***, since I haven't had a vacation since 2001 and always booked direct with hotels,... Read more

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What this company does is contact people who have toured, or own timeshares(public information)or who have stayed at various resorts. They are "fishing". When someone states they already purchased a vacation form this company or that company .THE SCAM BEGINS They will say that "The company you bought with is out of business" or "we have taken over the account".They then Say "you still owe money,... Read more

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They must have just called you around the same time they talked to me. (Just saw you posted only a few hours ago). Same here. Bought a too-good-to-true vacation package back in 2010 for $598. Didn't take the vacation. Now they are calling me saying I need to pay them another $497 to keep my account from going into collections. Such ***. The guy kept threatening me about it but when I brought up... Read more

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Same old story. I made a downpayment on a trip. To WESTGATE resorts, (check them out! whewww). I do not plan on traveling. Now they want another $398 to 'lock in the trip'. When I tell them to keep the downpayment, but I am not traveling, they say they will charge me the price of the complete trip of $1,700 immediately. That can't be legal. Such phone sales tactics are incredible. I never... Read more

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Do not ever buy a travel package that sounds too good to be true from an unsolicited phone call to your home or office. I did and am now being hounded by the Global Fullfilment Agency who say they are only trying to fullfill the verbal agreement that I made. I paid $598US for a travel package and was told the only other fees would be the room taxes when I reserved the room and the port fees if I... Read more

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I requested some free samples. Shortly after they arrived I went away for some weeks. When I came back, there were other small parcels arriving. At first I thought they were being very generous with their free samples, until my credit card arrived. They have now charged me in total £280.08 !!!!!! Each package of capsules costs nearly £96.00!!!! and I did not order them! On asking to speak to a... Read more

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